Delta 4 launches WGS-4 into the Florida night
1/19/12 ~ 7:38pm

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With the shuttle grounded for good, a Delta 4 rocket, flying in the medium+(5,4) configuration with four solid rocket boosters for just the second time, launches on the first US space mission of 2012, the first post-shuttle year. Onboard was the fourth Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS-4) military communications satellite, hitching a 22-story, 1.5 million pound-thrust ride into geosynchronous orbit. Above, a time-lapse over the Explorer, a full size shuttle mockup formerly located at the KSC Visitors Complex and now temporarily sitting by the KSC dock before transport by barge to Houston for display.

MST rollback at CX-37B       Cape Canaveral from the air         Explorer shuttle at twilight

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