STS-125: The final mission to the Hubble Space Telescope
5/11/09 ~ 2:01:56pm

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End of an era. The Space Shuttle Atlantis blasts off on mission STS-125, the final mission to service and upgrade the Hubble Space
Telescope, one of NASA's greatest legacies and triumphs. Canceled in the wake of the Columbia tragedy and then reinstated, the only
mission not to go to the ISS post-accident will see seven astronauts undertake one of the most ambitious shuttle missions in
history, with five spacewalks to install new and replace old components on Hubble. It will be the closing chapter in one of the
original purposes of the shuttle. As a precaution, and for the final time, a second shuttle was placed on the neighboring Pad 39B,
ready to launch within a week if an emergency arises; unlike the ISS, there is no safe-haven at the telescope.

2008 rollout to pad       The Hubble payloads        Atlantis at sunrise

STS-125/126 two shuttles on the pad       2009 rollout

STS-125/127 Two shuttles on the pad for last time

RSS rollback, IMAX cam & sunset       747 SCA returns

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