STS-133: Final flight of Discovery
2/24/11 ~ 4:53:24pm

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The 39th and last flight of the orbiter Discovery

The Shuttle Discovery, NASA's flagship orbiter, heads into space for the 39th and final time February 24 at 4:53pm EST. STS-133 launched
into a beautifully clear late-afternoon sky, taking to the space station Leonardo, formerly one of the two flown resuable Multipurpose
Logistics Modules (MPLM) that visited the ISS on seven previous shuttle missions since 2001, and now converted into a permanent storage
closet for the station known as the Pressurized Multipurpose Module (PMM). This was the last US-launched module added to the space

Discovery cargo bay & OPF    External tank mate    **Rollover reflection**    **First Rollout from VAB**    **Twilight at Pad 39A**       

High atop Pad 39A**       Panoramas atop Pad 39A       Crew stands with shuttle for TCDT       Remote cameras Nov. 2       

RSS rollback Nov. 3**       Crew arrival Feb. 20 (new crew)       **Landing**       Tow off runway

**Discovery's Flight Deck!**

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