STS-120 delivers "Harmony" to space
10/23/07 ~ 11:38:19am

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The Space Shuttle Discovery brings into orbit the first pressurized module to the International Space Station in
over six years. STS-120 with "Harmony" lifted off right on time October 23 at 11:38:19am EDT, the third straight
shuttle flight to launch on the first try. Discovery is commanded by Pam Melroy, just the second woman ever to
lead a shuttle flight. She follows in the footsteps of Eileen Collins who was the first female shuttle pilot in
1995 and then commander in 1999. The Italian-built US Node 2 connecting module, now known as Harmony, will
provide the connecting ports for long awaited science laboratories slated to launch on the next several shuttle

Rollout to launch pad       KSC panorama at rollout       RSS rollack & sunset

Crew walkout       Landing       Tow off runway

Personal video from the VAB roof!

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