Shuttle Discovery launches at night on STS-116
12/9/06 ~ 8:47:35pm

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First night shuttle launch since 2002 & the final shuttle mission from Pad 39B

The Space Shuttle Discovery lifts-off at 8:47:35pm EST on STS-116, the 117th flight of the space shuttle program. The launch was the first
nighttime shuttle launch since Fall 2002, and the mission was one of the most complex ISS flights to date. Discovery attached a short truss
section to the ISS, rolled up a solar array in preparation for its movement later on, and astronauts performed a very complex rewiring job
outside the station on four spacewalks, one unplanned. Veteran astronaut Bob Curbeam set a new record by performing four EVAs on the flight.

Rollout to the pad       Crew Arrival

Remote camera setup

Crew walkout on launch day       Landing

At left, a short time lapse from a remote camera located 2000 feet from Discovery shows the shuttle's three main engines igniting 6.6
seconds before launch

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