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"Bottom of the World" 2007
Chile, Argentina, Antarctica, Uruguay
& The Falklands
Southwest & Calif 2001
Australia 2002
California 2004
Washington DC
2003 & 2005
New York City
Texas 2001
France & Italy 1999
California 2000
Alaska 1998
California & Seattle
Dec. 2001
1997 & 1998
England 1996
California 1999
California 2006
Russia & Siberia 2008
Total Solar Eclipse of August 1
Where I've Been
To date I have visited 15 (14 + Antarctica) countries and territories. The list here (in order by visit) is the United States (33 states),
Canada, England, Italy, Vatican City, France, Australia, Chile, Antarctica, Argentina, the Falkland Islands, Uruguay, Russia, Bermuda,
New Zealand. By the Travelers Century Club list of geographic, politically or ethnically different places I can add to this list Alaska,
Siberia and Tasmania, North & South Island, as well as even the same section of Antarctica as belonging to Chile and Argentina.
Short trip to Utah 2010
Shuttle SRB test firing
Australian Odyssey & Eclipse 2012
Total Solar Eclipse of November 14
6000 miles
Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales
Eastern National Parks 2010
Smokys, Mammoth Cave, Congaree
California 2011
VAFB & Joshua Tree NP
Western Roadtrip 2010
4748.2 miles
11 National Parks
Four Corners 2012
3494.0 miles
Nine National Parks
Pacific NW, Canada & Rockies 2011
4757.1 miles
13 National Parks
New Zealand 2014
3350 miles
Milford Sound, Queenstown, Aoraki/Mt. Cook, Catlins, icebergs & glaciers, Auckland
& more
under construction