STS-114 Discovery & the Shuttle's Return to Flight!
7/26/05 ~ 10:39am

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Almost 30 months after the Columbia tragedy, the Space Shuttle returns to flight as Discovery and commander Eileen Collins lift off at 10:39am EDT
from Launch Pad 39B on a mission to the International Space Station. It would mark the beginning of the end for the shuttle program, with 21 more
missions after this one completed before its retirement in July 2011, six years later.

Rollover to VAB       1st Rollout to launch pad       Crew arrival       First remote camera setup

First RSS rollback (July 12)      Crew Walkout (July 13)       Post-scrub press conference

Second remote camera setup       RSS rollback (July 25)       Crew walkout (July 26)       Around the press site       Landing Day

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