STS-117 Atlantis delivers third solar array to ISS
6/8/07 ~ 7:38:04pm

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The Space Shuttle Atlantis and its seven crewmembers roar into space 41 minutes before sunset on June 8 on a mission to
deliver the third of four sets of gigantic solar arrays to the International Space Station. The array, attached to the
S3/S4 truss segment as a whole, will provide more power and support to the major and long-awaited laboratory modules being
delivered later this year and early next, including Europe's Columbus lab and Japan's Kibo modules.

S3/S4 solar arrays

Rollover to VAB

1st Rollout

2nd Rollout

Crew arrival at KSC

Remote Setup

On the pad launch morning

Crew Walkout

747 SCA arrival back at KSC

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The famous Complex 39 Press Site is the closest vantage point to Pad 39A at 3.05 miles. The awesome sound of
STS-117 was more than any launch in recent memory:
An unprecedented spectacle floated over Central Florida after the sun went down, as Atlantis' smoke plume, lit at varying altitudes
by the already set sun, formed abstract art that caused everyone in the area to run outside and stare up, mouths open. If viewed from
a long distance away, what appears to be swirls would actually appear as a wavy line stretching up and down in altitude: