STS-122: Columbus sets sail on a 21st century voyage
2/7/08 ~ 2:45:30pm

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Columbus sets sail on a modern-day voyage of science and exploration as Atlantis clears the tower at
2:45:30pm EST February 7th. Two months late to fix problems with engine fuel sensors and beating an
improbable 70% chance of bad weather, the 4.5 million pound shuttle rides twin columns of gold and three
main engines that total 7.5 million pounds of thrust. STS-122 delivered Europe's $2 billion Columbus science
laboratory module to the International Space Station, over 25 years after it was first conceived.

Columbus       Rollover       Rollout       RSS roll Dec. 5

Dec. 6 scrub       Dec. 9 scrub       RSS roll Feb. 6       Crew walkout

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The SRBs separate nearly 40 miles northeast of KSC: