STS-118: Endeavour's first launch in five years
8/8/07 ~ 6:36:42pm

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The Space Shuttle Endeavour rockets into orbit for the first time since STS-113 in late 2002, the final flight before Columbia. STS-118 ferried
the small S5 truss section to the International Space Station (ISS) and carried the final SPACEHAB module, full of ISS supplies, in its cargo bay.
Garnering the most attention for this mission was one of Endeavour's seven crewmembers, Barbara Morgan, who was the backup Teacher In Space
candidate to Christa McAuliffe in 1986. Morgan was finally selected as an official astronaut in 1998 as the first Educator Mission Specialist; she
waited over 21 years for this moment.

Shuttle on rollout day     Remote camera setup     RSS rollback     Landing

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