STS-134: Final flight of Endeavour
5/16/11 ~ 8:56:28am

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The 25th and last flight of the orbiter

On its final flight, Endeavour launches to the International Space Station with the $2 billion dollar particle physics experiment known as the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS), built by the European Space Agency. The AMS will detect and measure cosmic rays and search the universe for increasing evidence of dark matter and antimatter.

VAB Lift & mate with ET/SRBs**       **VAB overhead**       **Rollout**       **High atop Pad 39A**

AMS: Portrait of Samuel Ting**       The AMS payload being installed       **Crew arrives for TCDT**

VAB storm cloud       Crew walkout       **ENDEAVOUR ON PAD 39A AT SUNSET**      Plume shadow at launch

SRBs brought into port**       **Landing**       **Landing silhouette**       Towback


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