STS-123 Endeavour launches with Dextre & first Kibo module
3/11/08 ~ 2:28:14am EDT

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The Space Shuttle Endeavour lit up the sky over Cape Canaveral for a short time March 11th, before punching through a 6,000-foot cloud deck and disappearing from view 27 seconds into flight. This night launch, just the second since Return to Flight, came right on time at 2:28:14am EDT March 11th. With the wind calm and the waters around the space center glassy, the sound reverberated nicely for viewers and provided a spectacular reflection of the event while it lasted. Endeavour took to the International Space Station the first section of the Japanese Kibo module and the Canadian-built robotic manipulator named Dextre.

Kibo & Dextre in SSPF
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STS-123/ISS over Daytona Beach       Night Landing

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