Ben Cooper is a professional photographer based just north of Cape Canaveral & the Kennedy
Space Center in Daytona Beach, FL. A professional photographer in the US space program, he has
covered launches and other events at Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center since July
1999, having now photographed over 140 missions and launches to date.

For the final few years of the Space Shuttle program, he photographed for NASA and held a
position on NASA's photo and engineering imaging team at the Kennedy Space Center & Cape
Canaveral Air Force Station. Work included mission-critical imagery of the shuttle's exterior and
orbiter tiles that ensured a safe mission of the space shuttle on every flight, as well as public affairs
imagery for distribution by NASA and dozens of portraits and award ceremonies.

He specializes in more aerospace, travel, science and astronomal imaging, including traveling the
globe to chase solar eclipses, with experience on six continents including Antarctica. With over 20
years of experience in the field of photography, he is also an alumnus of Embry-Riddle
Aeronautical University with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering and minor in space
studies/space history.

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Clients of his photography include:

-United Launch Alliance
-The New York Times
-USA Today (front page)
-The Boston Globe (incl
cover & story)
-Getty Images
-Orbital Sciences
-Aviation Week & Space Technology
-Astronomy Magazine
-Sky & Telescope magazine
-Discover magazine
-The FAA
-NBC Nightly News
-CBS Evening News
-ABC World News Tonight
-ABC Good Morning America
-Fox News Channel
-National Geographic online
-Yahoo! News
-Huffington Post
-Popular Science
-Popular Photography
-The Daily Mail
-Science Faction
-Pacific Standard Magazine
-Astronomy Now
-Scholastic & Weekly Reader
-Daytona Beach News-Journal

& countless more publications

-17-time NASA
Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) homepage photos of the day homepage photos
-Diplays at countless NASA award ceremonies and center exhibits
-Yahoo! News: The "Week in Photos"
The World at Night (TWAN) collection
-Time Magazine
Photo of the Day (August 24, 2009)

...and many more honors

He is twice winner of (
2008, 2010) and has placed five times in six years (2008-2011, 2013) in the
category of space for the prestigious Aviation Week & Space Technology photo contest, the
world's largest aerospace photo challenge. In addition to the first-place wins, he also took third
place in
2008, an honorable mention in 2009 and 2013, and won both second & third place in 2011.

While in college, he was a long-standing member of
The Avion, the campus newspaper of
Embry-Riddle for which he was Space Technology Editor for three years, reporter for four, and
received the Fall 2007 reporter award.

In June, 2011, Cooper and were featured on the front page of USA
Today, the most circulated paper in the United States. Interviewed for a cover story on attending
the final space shuttle launch, the website was published prominently.

Similarly, he was also interviewed by, and this website was published in, the New York Times
Travel section in May 2010 for a story on viewing the remaining shuttle launches.

His work has also been featured in books such as
Astronomy 365 and City at the Water's Edge: A
Natural History of New York
, among others available in bookstores now.

Popular Photography magazine has featured Cooper five times. He was
profiled in a story for their
September 2006 issue, again for the Backstory feature in December 2009, a third time on their
website in
March 2010, and a fourth for a 'Fix It Fast' feature in the magazine in January, 2011.
Most recently, the magazine published an online story about the 2013 Total Solar Eclipse.

National Geographic has used several photos on their website for news stories. They also selected
this photo as a Your Shot finalist in October 2007, the top photo here in July 2009, the first here
in June 2011 and
this shot in September 2011.

And in June, 2008, an image shot of the
STS-124 launch became a helpful part of a NASA inquiry
into major damage sustained by one of the space shuttle's launch pads.

He was the featured guest on the second ever of Adorama's
TechTock Podcast and also on The
Shutterbug Magazine Radio Show .


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Thank you for visiting,

Ben Cooper

Photographer in NASA's Space Shuttle Program
All 26,000 heat tiles photographed before every mission
Self-portrait, Antelope Canyon
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