Delta 2 launches STSS
9/25/09 ~ 8:20am

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Delta 2, in its penultimate planned launch from Cape Canaveral, launches the Space Tracking and Surveillance System (STSS) technology demonstration mission for the Missile Defense Agency at 8:20am on September 25. It was the 90th straight success for Delta 2, which began flying in 1989 and has launched 145 times to date (109 from Cape Canaveral and 36 from Vandenberg AFB, Calif.). The final Florida Delta 2 is currently slated for the end of 2011.

<--- GPS 2R-21M                                                                 GRAIL --->
Shockwave as Delta 2 roars through the sound barrier:
Morning dew marred images at the pad:
The six ground-lit SRBs burn out and separate 62 seconds into flight as the remaining three air-lits ignite:
Delta 2, 13 stories tall, vents oxygen on Pad 17B after a weather scrub September 23rd: