Delta 4 launches GOES-N weather satellite
5/24/06 ~ 6:11pm

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A 21-story Boeing Delta 4 rocket, the fifth to fly since 2002, sends the next-generation Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite 'N', or GOES-N weather satellite into space for NASA and NOAA. The $475 million spacecraft will provide the latest technology in every day forecasting and hurricane prediction.

GOES-N cleanroom gallery
                     1st Launch Attempt (Aug 05)

<--- Delta 4-Heavy debut          Delta 4-Heavy DSP-23 (Heavy night debut) --->
A fireball erupts around the base of the vehicle as excess hydrogen is ignited at main engine start:
More photos and crops:
From the press site, 2.7 miles away:
Of the five remote pad cameras I set up, one was ruined due to a wind sock I neglected to see when setting up: