Delta 4-Heavy punches the clouds with NRO L-32 spy satellite
11/21/10 ~ 5:58pm

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A Delta 4-Heavy rocket, the world's largest in size at nearly 24-stories tall and sporting 1.9 million pounds of thrust from its three RS-68 core engines, roars off Pad 37B at Cape Canaveral with a torrent of fire. Onboard is the NRO L-32 spy satellite, hoisted into orbit for the National Reconnaissance Office. Dubbed by the Air Force as the world's largest satellite, it likely features an antenna about the size of a football field once unfurled, and is believed to be an eavesdropping satellite positioned high above the equator in geosynchronous orbit. It is believed to be the largest and latest in a series of similar craft, including one launched on the previous Delta 4-Heavy in January 2009.

Delta 4-Heavy on Pad 37B

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