Total Solar Eclipse 2015
March 20, from a Boeing 737-800 at 35,000 feet over the North Atlantic/Norwegian Sea

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Total Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2015 as seen from a Boeing 737-800 (Air Berlin charter) about 35,000 feet over the Norwegian Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Our aircraft departed
Dusseldorf, Germany, with 56 passengers each with their own or shared row. The six hour flight resulted in 3m 40s of totality, about a minute longer than on the ground as
we traveled with the shadow. At least 15 or so aircraft went up above the clouds to take in this eclipse and were lined up in two rows and stacked 1000 feet apart so as not to
interfere with each other (see radar maps below). (Note: The rainbow artifact in the diamond ring photos is from the three panes of acrylic in the aircraft windows. I am quite
happy with my results and amazed at being able to get such sharp images despite the windows. I left the rainbow in as it made for a nice addition.)

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A spectacular display of the aurora (northern lights) looking north from our Virgin 747-400 over the North Atlantic on the way to London
Flight tracking maps (credit: showing all the eclipse
charter flights in our area, around the point of maximum totality north
of the Faroe Islands. This flight (Air Berlin 1234) is noted with a red
marker. The two lines of planes consisted of aircraft that were also
separated by an altitude of 1000 feet minimum for safety ("stacked"
in aviation terms; seen more clearly at left). You can more clearly see
in the wider view below how we lined up for the eclipse in rows.
Photo below taken by Thomas Bujack & courtesy group leader & flight organizer Glenn Schneider:
Fictitious Point?!... (And yes, AB1234 is the real flight number....Air Berlin flight 1234)