STS-132: Atlantis takes Russia's Rassvet module to the ISS
5/14/10 ~ 2:20:09pm

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The Space Shuttle Atlantis, on its next-to-last journey uphill, took to the space station Russia's Mini-Research Module "Rassvet" as well as a new Ku
band antenna and new component for the Dextre remote maniplator on the ISS.

ET for STS-132 arrives at KSC       Russian MRM "Rassvet"       Rollover from OPF to VAB

RARE PHOTOS: **Atlantis lifted and rotated in VAB**       Obama speaks at KSC       Payload canister heads to Pad 39A

Awaiting rollout in VAB       **Rollout from VAB**       Crew arrives for launch       RSS retraction

Towback & crew press conference       Landing

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