Trans-Siberian Railway
1145 miles on the world's longest train line
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For 1145 miles I rode the Trans-Siberian Railway. We boarded at Irkutsk and ended at Novosibirsk. Through Siberian birch forests, meadows, swamps; through isolated towns and small cities, some full of old industry and others just ancient ways of life. The train was not glamorous; it looked as if it hasn't changed in decades. But the thrill was of riding a train of lore, through a far off land, past people and places that will likely never be heard or seen by most.

Not all of these photos are meant to look good, but to provide a photo essay, a tale, of a trip on the famed railway and the views one sees out the window. The photos are in chronological order, and occasionally captions are attached to several photos on a page. If you are planning to travel the Trans-Siberian, I hope you will find this proves useful.
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