Total Solar Eclipse
The viewing site on the Ob Sea
Eclipse chasers, astronomers, photographers, enthusiasts and hundreds more gathered on the shores of the Ob Sea (or the Ob Reservoir, or even Lake Ob depending on your source) August 1 to witness a total eclipse of the sun. Our site was located at (Google Earth: 54.725 N, 83.021 E). While many found other sites around and in Novosibirsk, the eastern shore of the lake was a good choice as a large body of water can sometimes stave off cloud cover.

Our site was inside a campground, on a berm over the shore, full of native Siberian taiga forest birch trees and some conifers. They provided the perfect setting for seeing the eclipse from this region of the world. These photos capture the preparation and time taken to select spots, set up equipment and prepare for the event. Native-costumed dancers even performed.

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Members of our group test out their eclipse shades:
Two photographers get their equipment ready. The three middle cameras are mine:
Some set up telescopes...
Others shoot video...
Most at our location were from astronomical travel groups:
A couple shots of my setup:
Locals dressed in costume perform dances:
More views of the eclipse site and Lake Ob:
Crescent suns are projected through tree leaves shortly after totality ended (photo credit: Jackie Beucher):