Torres del Paine
(Towers of Blue)
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Torres del Paine means Towers of Blue. Located in southern Chilean Patagonia and considered by some to be an eastern arm of the Andes, this is no doubt one of the undiscovered wonders of the world. A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 1978, the centerpiece of the national park is a geologically-unique massif of rock shaped over time into remarkable beauty. At the center of the massif are the three towers themselves, 6,000-foot-plus spires of granite reaching - towering - into the clouds. Seen in most views are the jagged, triangular Cuernos del Paine, or horns of blue (above, center-right massif), which defines the landscape. These are some of the youngest mountains in the world.
Trek to the base of the towers
(Three page photo essay)
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