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The payloads for the STS-125 mission are prepared for flight inside the Payload Hazardous Servicing Facility, a 10,000-class cleanroom at the Kennedy Space Center. After installation of the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph, Fine Guidance Sensor, Wide Field Camera 3 and new batteries to replace the 18-year-old originals, Hubble "will be at the apex of its scientific capcity." In addition, Atlantis' crew will install a Soft Capture Mechanism to enable a future Orion or other unmanned spacecraft to dock and deorbit Hubble.
The Flight Support Structure is what Hubble will "rest" on. The silver Soft Capture Mechanism will be installed and left behind::
The Orbital Replacement Unit Carrier for the shuttle payload bay will hold the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph, Fine Guidance Sensor and several other replacement parts for Hubble:
The cargo bay Super Lightweight Interchangeable Carrier holds the Wide Field Camera and Hubble's new batteries:
The Multi-Use Logistics Equipment Carrier (MULE):
Multi-layer Insulation (MLI) used to protect and insulate the components on orbit: