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Russell Falls (below) and Horseshoe Falls (above) are two very pretty waterfalls, with the latter right above the former. During my visit, Russell, the most famous in Tasmania, was not at full flow, so you might find Horseshoe prettier. I felt it was the prettier of the two. Below, the night sky in the forest with the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds. And then, what is that? The hardest photo to take on the trip, it is a glow worm at "glow worm grotto" near Rusell Falls. To see a glow worm with the naked eye, one has to walk into the forest in the pitch black of night, preferably a moonless one, and wait at least 30 minutes for the eyes to adjust. Then, if you are lucky, a faint eerie glow here and there will appear. You are not sure what you are looking at even then, and if it's hanging from a tree or sitting on a rock (actually, they are under the moss/ferns). They are so faint that looking straight at them may render them invisible, so averted vision works best. To photograph one? I had to do several takes, struggling to find it in the test images, and even harder to focus, closer and closer, until I finally got it sharp. I then used very quick averted light (glow worms cannot survie if there is light) at a high ISO to capture the worm. It took several tries. Here you can see a photo without light and with light.

The third photo (Horseshoe Falls) is a high-resolution, 151 MB, 12-image composite suitable for large format usage.