Iguazu Falls
Bird life of Igauzu Falls
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There are at least 350-400 species of birds that can be seen at Iguazu (the number is debated). Every turn of the head brings a new species. Above, in a flash of color, a white-eyed parakeet takes off from a tree perched high above the plunge of water. The parakeets prefer to play in the mist rising from the waterfalls.
Below, an electric blue dacnis:
A southern lapwing:
Field Flicker (woodpecker):
Toco Toucans, the largest toucan species:
Epaulet eriole:
This is either a purple throated euphonia or a violaceous euophonia:
A peregrine falcon:
Blue Dacnis:
Black or smooth billed ani:
Snail kite:
White eyed parakeet  in the mist:
Plush crested jays:
Striped cuckoo:
Squirrel cuckoo:
Swallow tanager:
A few more currently unknown species:
More of the toucans and snail kite: