Launch Complex 36 ~ Atlas, Atlas Centaur, Atlas 2,3
Launch Complex 36 was the host to 145 Atlas launches since the Atlas Centaur debuted in 1962. It was the starting point for dozens of science, commercial and government spacecraft launches in its 43 year history. The final Atlas launch, an Atlas 3, launched from the pad on Feb 3 2005, and today the pad stands dormant ready for a future customer. The launch towers are in the process of being torn down.
Pad 36 was the last site in the Western Hemisphere and at Cape Canaveral to use a blockhouse to conduct launches.

At the
final Atlas launch from Complex 36, Ed Christiensen, launch conductor, ended the pad's era with this:

"So after 43 years and 145 Atlas-Centaur launches, we retire this blockhouse and move to the highly automated world of the Atlas 5. It is with heavy hearts that we again raise our glass over these consoles as a salute to the proud heritage of Space Launch Complex 36."