Launch Complex 34 ~ Saturn 1, 1B, Apollo 7 & Apollo 1
Launch Complex 34 was built in the early 1960s to support the largest rocket type at the time, the Saturn and then Saturn 1B, in preparation for the Apollo moon landings. The site is most remembered for the tragedy that unfolded here at 6:31pm on the 27 January 1967, when a fire broke out inside the Apollo 1 command module during a routine test three weeks prior to launch. The crew, Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee, perished in the fire. When manned flights resumed with Apollo 7, the first manned launch of the Apollo program, Pad 34 was the launch site (its only manned launch). Today, the site is a National Historical Landmark (declared 1984) and can be visited by the public. A memorial service is held under the pedastal every year to honor the Apollo 1 crew.
These strangely shaped structures are the blast deflectors to be placed under the rocket for launch; they are rolled on rails. Complex 37 is behind them: