Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
LC-13, 36, 40 implosions
& other events / older photos


Some older photos not currently displayed on the website but which I have:

-LC-40 (Titan) implosion (2008)
-Various Astronaut Hall of Fame (AHOF) inductions & astronaut group shots
-More photos around KSC & CCAFS including the Visitor Complex & tours
-Photos from the scrubs of STS-93 (1999), STS-101 (2000) and others
-Air Shows held at KSC (such as World Space Expo)
-The Firiing Room & Launch Control Center at KSC
-More photos of Shuttle pads 39A & 39B
-More photos of the VAB & three Orbiter Process Facilities (OPF)
Above: The Rocket Garden at the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex at night
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Top: Cape Canaveral from above (
click image for more)