The Air Force Space & Missile Museum is located at Launch Complex 26, the site of the United States first satellite launch, Explorer 1 on January 31, 1958. Today the site showcases examples of what was launched in the early days, backdropped by todays active Delta 2 Launch Complex 17. Of note are the early Delta/Thor rocket (above, tallest) and the Gemini / Complex 19 whiteroom which was the final step for Gemini astronauts before their missions (red box, below). Other rockets and winged missiles can be seen. Complex 26 was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1984.
The gantry that launch Explorer 1. Today it is on Pad 26B rather than A where Explorer 1 lifted off from. The gantry was being dismantled for safety as of early 2008:
An old Delta / Thor backdropped by a modern Delta 2 rocket readying for launch on Pad 17:
Inside the blast-protective blockhouse for Complex 26, where von Braun and his team launched Explorer 1 on that decisive night in 1958: